The timeline describes the events of Nosgoth's History and the time-travels of Kain and Raziel. The paradoxes alter events in the History, creating new timelines.


In this timeline… Kain knew that the young king Willian changed from being a benevolent ruler to become the despotic Nemesis who began the conquest of Nosgoth.

For his part, William was able to start the conquest of Nosgoth after surviving an assassination attempt by the young and inexperienced vampire Kain.

Kain kills William

In this timeline… Kain travelled in time until the era when the king Willian still was a beloved and benevolent ruler. Facing him he could kill him and change the History. Moebius took advantage this fact to instigate the human in a crusade against the vampires.

Some twenty years later from that event Raziel met Kain at the tomb of William. Raziel faced him and killed Kain.

Raziel forgives Kain

In this timeline… Raziel met Kain at the tomb of William. He felt the force of the History drove him to kill Kain. Doing some willpower Raziel rejected to kill Kain, causing a paradox that altered the History.

Not death, Kain was able to continue his plans to rewrite his destiny which included preventing Raziel became the prisoner of the Reaver. So he travelled 500 years to the past where he tried to save Raziel from the Reaver but he failed at the time of truth.

Kain saves Raziel

In this timeline… Kain prevented the Reaver to trap the Raziel's soul, altering the History. This paradox changed the events lived by Kain in his past where he confronted the hylden and learned how these would take the Janos' body for their plans.

Before losing sight of the exhausted Raziel, Kain tried to prevent these events would take place warning Raziel he should not resurrect Janos Audron.