Timeline Kain kills William

The timeline describes the events of Nosgoth's History and the time-travels of Kain and Raziel. The paradoxes alter events in the History, creating new timelines.

In this timeline… Kain travelled in time until the era when the king Willian still was a beloved and benevolent ruler. Facing him he could kill him and change the History. Moebius took advantage this fact to instigate the human in a crusade against the vampires.

Some twenty years later from that event Raziel met Kain at the tomb of William. Raziel faced him and killed Kain.

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3000? B.K.The Elder God reveals himself to the ancient vampires and they accept his doctrine of the Wheel of Fate.

The vampires begin a war against the Hylden when they refuse to submit to the Wheel of Fate of the vampires' god.

The Hylden build the Device to host the Mass, a creature with the power to exterminate vampires. To work, the Device needs a network to send the Mass' energy onto Nosgoth. However, this network remains incomplete.

1000 years later…

2000? B.K.The vampires defeat the Hylden confining them in the demon dimension. In revenge, the Hylden curse the vampires with bloodthirst, sterility and immortality. Due to the latter the god of the vampires turns his back on them, which leads many to commit suicide in order to rejoin the Wheel of Fate.

After the war, vampires erect the Pillars to keep the Hylden in the demon dimension. The Circle of Nine is formed, a group of guardians called to serve the Pillars. Vorador forges the Reaver and Janos Audron is its guardian.

In an attempt to perpetuate their race, the vampires pass the dark gift of vampirism to humans, Vorador being the first one to be turned into a vampire.

Centuries later…

1000? B.K.The human population grows at the expense of vampires. Humans begin to replace the vampires as guardians. The vampires abduct the human guardians to preserve the vampire rule on the Pillars.

The Elder God reveals himself to the guardian of Time, Moebius, causing Moebius to refuse the dark gift of vampirism. Moebius and Mortanius start a revolution against the vampires. The human Circle of Nine creates the Sarafan Order, dedicated to wiping out the vampire race.

Centuries later…

The human Raziel is born.

Some years later…

Raziel, Turel, Dumah, Rahab, Zephon and Melchiah are ordained Sarafan warrior-priests, with Malek leading the Order.

500 B.K.Raziel meets Janos Audron at his mountain retreat. Janos reveals that Raziel is the prophesied hero of the vampires.

The Sarafan reach Janos Audron thanks to the path opened by Raziel. The human Raziel kills Janos. The Sarafan take Janos' heart and the Reaver. Raziel renounces his past as Sarafan priest and follows them to their stronghold.

Back at the stronghold, Raziel faces Moebius and Malek. The First Massacre of the Circle begins. Vorador kills six of the nine guardians. Malek can not reach them in time to prevent it. Mortanius, Moebius and Malek are the only survivors.

Raziel recovers the Blood Reaver and kills the Sarafan priests Melchiah, Zephon, Rahab, Dumah, Turel and his former Sarafan self, Raziel.

History forces the Blood Reaver to turn against Raziel to consume and trap him inside, creating the Soul Reaver.Go⤵

Mortanius sentences Malek for failing the Circle, fusing his soul to his armor and designating him the new guardian of Conflict.

Vorador takes the corpse of Janos Audron and carries it to the chapel of his mansion.

450 years later…

Over time, Ariel, Anarcrothe, Azimut, Bane, DeJoule and Nupraptor become guardians of the Pillars.

Moebius supplies William with a version of the Soul Reaver.

20 B.K.The young king William is killed by Kain before he becomes the Nemesis, altering the History.Paradox⎇

Kain finds another time-streaming device and uses it to back to the future.Go⤵

Moebius uses the killing of the beloved king William at the hands of Kain to sow a genocidal hate against the vampires and to begin a crusade to exterminate them.

20 years later…

Raziel appears in the Sarafan Stronghold and meet Moebius.

Raziel finds the Soul Reaver broken, exposed at the tomb of William the Just. When he touch it, the spirit of the Reaver uses Raziel energy to restore itself.

0Raziel meets Kain at the Pillars. Ariel is murdered by the entity that possesses Mortanius. Kain is born, destined to become the new guardian of Balance. Nupraptor, Ariel's lover, finds her body and and his grief corrupts the other guardians of the Circle, including the newborn Kain.

Raziel meets Vorador who talks about his master Janos Audron.

Raziel finds Kain at the tomb of William inside the Sarafan Stronghold. Raziel, unable to withstand the force of the Reaver, kills Kain.Paradox⎇

Raziel forces Moebius to manipulate the time-streaming device so he can travel five centuries into the past but Moebius sends him one hundred years into the future.Go⤵

30 years later…

30 A.K.Human Kain is murdered by brigands at the command of Mortanius.

Mortanius offers Kain the chance of revenge. Kain accepts and is resurrected as vampire.

Looking for a cure for his vampirism Kain meets Ariel. She tells him that the only solution is to restore the corrupted Pillars by killing the guardians who serve them. The Second Massacre of the Circle begins.

Kain kills the first guardian: Nupraptor. Kain flees from the confrontation with the next guardian: Malek.

Kain reaches the Oracle's Cave following Ariel advice. The Oracle urges Kain to find the vampire Vorador in the Termogent forest.

Kain meets and befriend Vorador. Kain learns about the history of the vampire race and the problems of getting involved in human affairs.

At Dark Eden, Vorador is summoned by Kain. Kain kills Bane and DeJoule, while Vorador fights and defeats Malek.

Kain finds the Soul Reaver at the Avernus cathedral and kills Lady Azimuth with it. Also he finds a time-streaming device.

According to Ariel's directions and against Vorador advice, Kain allies with the king Ottmar to fight against the invading armies of the Nemesis.

Cornered in the battle, Kain uses the time-streaming device and invonlutarily travels fifty years back in time.Go⤴

Upon his return, Kain sees how the Moebius' crusade has wiped out the vampires.

Vorador is executed in the guillotine. Kain is the last survivor vampire in Nosgoth. Kain kills Moebius.

Obeying Mortanius, Kain returns to the Pillars. There he sees Mortanius kill Anarcrothe. Kain confronts and kills Mortanius which causes the Hylden possessing him to take full control of Mortanius' body. Kain defeats him again.

With all the guardian dead, Ariel reveals Kain that he is the last guardian. Kain must choose to either sacrifice himself to restore the Balance of Nosgoth, making the vampire race extinct, or refuse the sacrifice and condemn the Pillars to eternal collapse.

Kain refuses the sacrifice. The barrier created by the Pillars ends up destroyed.

70 years later…

100 D.K.Raziel meets the false spirit of Moebius at the Sarafan Stronghold and then the specter of Ariel hunting the Pillars.

Raziel discovers the ruined retreat of Janos Audron.

Raziel uses a second time-streaming device to transport him to the era when Janos Audron was still alive.Go⤴

430 years later…

530 D.K.Kain profanes the Tomb of the Sarafan and raises six priests as vampires. Kain begins the conquest of Nosgoth with Raziel as first lieutenant.

The human population is decimated. The survivors take refuge at the corners of Nosgoth. Large smokestacks pollute Nosgoth's sky filtering out the dangerous sunlight for the vampires.

Kain undergoes a process of evolution followed years later by his lieutenants.

1000 years later…

1530 D.K.Raziel evolves before Kain.

Kain sees Raziel's evolution and commands that he be cast into the Lake of Dead.

Centuries later…

2500? D.K.Vampires are scattered throughout Nosgoth and with each evolution they degenerate into increasingly monstruous forms.

Using a stolen time-streaming device, Turel is taken back centuries in time by Azimuth to be worshipped as the god Hash'ak'gik and to host the Hylden.

Centuries later…

3000? D.K.The Elder God resurrects Raziel as wraith and devourer of souls.

Raziel kills his brothers Melchiah, Zephon, Rahab and Dumah, taking their dark gifts.

Raziel meets Kain at the Sanctuary of Clans. Kain attacks Raziel with the Soul Reaver, which is broken. Raziel is bound to the Reaver. There, Raziel meets at the specter of Ariel.

Raziel finds the Sarafan priests' crypt profaned by Kain and realizes that himself was one of these priests. Raziel rejects this act of sacrilege and identifies with the ideology of his former self.

Raziel pursues Kain to the Chronoplast room located in the Oracle's Cave. Kain goes through the time portal and Raziel follows him.Go⤴Go⤴